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I understand myself as a communication pro, who develops tailor-made solutions for every marketing task with an optimal relationship between strategy, creation and implementation - the right brain-heart-hand connection.



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My career is based on two focal points: journalism and marketing.


When I was at school, I had a dream to be a radio presenter, but that was not enough. I wanted to present out of a helicopter flying over New York to get people safely through the traffic. They should not be bored, they should have fun on the way home, just as I watched the city from above. Infotainment we called that. After graduating from school, I went to Stuttgart, Germany, to volunteer at Radio ENERGY, where I took an internship and studied radio journalism and marketing at the Radio Academy in Oberhausen, Germany. For two years, I presented the morning show together with Stefan Blaufelder, giving the listeners the feeling of hearing the most awesome radio station.


Searching for constant challenge and my curiosity, I found myself in the online marketing industry. For seven years I managed projects for two of the largest owner-managed advertising agencies in Germany. Because of my journalistic and PR-driven background I worked on conception and as the head of text. At YT Industries, I first coordinated and implemented the internal and external communication as the Head of Communications in 2014, then I took over the role of the Chief Marketing Officer in 2015. Brand development, brand introduction, PR and advertising strategies, financial management and monitoring of the marketing budget, leadership and motivation of the employees, trend observation/development, sponsoring concepts, close communication with the media of the industry, strategic development of the social media activities and website were just some of my tasks.


Freelance, yah?

Good bye comfort zone


I really liked my job as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at YT Industries. In the period between 2014 and 2017, we have set up awesome things to take the brand up to the next level. My methodical armor, now free to throw at the market will let me grow. If it makes me scared when I'm writing stuff like that? Hell, yah! 

“Some ideas do not get out of the head before you are putting them into action. Because life is only understood backwards, but it lives forwards, so of course, it is an adventure with an open end.”
— Hartmut Ulrich